"Ragging is certainly not a necessary stepping stone on friendship. Friendship can be made and maintained even without ragging. It is for the youth themselves to find saner means of expressing friendship with their juniours. Respect forced out by ragging cannot be genuine respect. It is only a respect shown under duress, a semblance of respect tinged with fear of more ill treatment.

Putting a junior to shame certainly cannot make him respect his senior. It will only kindle fear and a silent disdain for him at heart. Let this simple fact be known by all younger generation and protagonists of the society.

The best solution is that youth should themselves banish from their mind, the barbaric idea of ragging anyone or subjecting him/her to any torture or shame in its name".

Govt. Order on Ragging
The Government of Tamil Nadu has banned ragging in Educational Institutions by passing Government Order, "Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997" vide its order No.7 of 1997 dated 14.02.1997 which says that indulging in ragging will be punished as follows:

• Imprisonment upto a term of two years and
• A fine upto Rupees 10,000/- and
• Student convicted for ragging will be dismissed from the Institute and shall not be admitted to any other educational institution.

Hence students are advised not to indulge in ragging but to rise up totally against this evil.




Name of the Institutions


J.J. College of Engineering and Technology



Ammapettai, Poolankulathupatti ( Po ), Sri Rangam Taluk,
Trichy- 620 009.


Name and address of Affiliating University

Anna University , Tiruchirapalli.


Name and address of DTE or any other related state government office

Director of Technical Education,
Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai-25


Date of constitution of Anti Ragging Committee

2 nd June 2010


Contact details of in-charge (Name, address, phone no, e-mail ID)


Director of Physical Education
J.J. College of Engineering and Technology
Mobile No:9842459802
Email: director@jjcet.ac.in


Date of constitution of Anti Ragging by squad

2 nd June 2010


Number of surprise raids conducted by squad

Not yet begun as the college is just reopened


Number of ragging incidents reported

Nil as the I Year Students are yet to be admitted


Action taken on reported ragging cases

Not Applicable


Number of Monitoring Cell constituted



Incorporation of direction as provisioned under clause 11(a) of the regulation in the prospectus / advertisement issued for admission

In the Academic Calendar 2010-11 issued to all students “Warning Against Ragging” is included



Receipts of affidavits from the student and parents as envisaged under the regulation.

Already obtained from students and parents. For this year admission, it will be obtained as and when they join the College.