Prof. K. Ponnusamy, M.Sc., B.L.
(Former Minister for Education, Govt. of Tamilnadu)
Chairman, J.J. Group of Institutions


Prof. K.Ponnusamy is an eminent educationist and erudite scholar. He is an academician turned politician – a politician with rare attributes like quality consciousness, thirst for services to humanity and single minded devotion to the cause of education and social transformation. During his tenure as Minister for Education in the Government of Tamilnadu, he left no stone unturned to ensure and enhance the academic standards at all levels and quality of life of the teaching fraternity. He is an academician to the core and has a quarter century's collegiate experience to his credit. He was a lovable teacher commanding respect and reverence from all quarters. Even now, he is held in high esteem by his students and friends as well. He is basically a humanitarian and profusely philanthropic in nature. Being a benefactor, he has become a popular leader among the masses. It is everyone's expectation and firm belief that under his chairmanship this temple of technical education will reach the pinnacle of glory in the near future.