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The Department of Electronics & Communication has blossomed in June 1996 as one of the premier centers for computer education. The department started its mission of imparting quality technical education with the first batch of 58 students and faculty strength of four. Since then the department had steadfastly grown to today's stature of 324 students with 23 staff members.Students grow step by step. Core facilities such as laboratories , computer center, lecture halls, Department library, audio and visual exhibits are available in the Department to give the academic program the required thrust.



Dr. S. Sumithra



Academic details
M.E, Ph.D
21 Years 8 Months

Prof.Dr.S.Sumithra completed her B.E degree in Electronics and communication at Mohamed sathak engineering college and M.E degree in Embedded systems at Arupadai veedu institute of technology. She has received her doctorate from Anna University, Chennai. She has 21 Years 8 Months years of experience in teaching field. Attended national and international conferences and published papers in various reputed journals. Her area of specialization is wireless sensor networks, wireless communication and embedded systems





Dr. S. Sumithra, M.E., Ph.D.
Professor /HoD
Wireless sensor networks, Wireless communication and Embedded systems

Mrs. M.Shobana, M.E.,

Associate Professor

Optical Communication.

Mr. K. Manikandan, M.E., (Ph.D.,)
Associate Professor
Communication Systems
Mr. R. Purushothaman, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
Communication systems
Mr. M. Prabhakaran, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
Communication Systems
Mrs.Archana Rajagopalan, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
Communication systems
Ms. R.Sharmila, M.E
Asst. Professor
Communication systems
Ms. A. Abirami, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
Communication Systems
Mr. T. Nallusamy, M.E.
Asst. Professor
Communication Systems
Ms.A.Roseline Jancy Rani,M.E., Asst. Professor Communication Systems
Ms.P.Revathi, M.E., Asst. Professor Communication Systems
Mrs.B.Saraswathi,M.E., Asst. Professor Information & Communication Engineering
Mr.G.Sathiyamoorthi,M.E. Asst. Professor Communication Engineering
Mr.M.Gowtham, M.E., Asst. Professor VLSI Design
Ms.A.Aarthy, M.E., Asst. Professor VLSI Design
Mrs.N.Ramya, M.E., Asst. Professor VLSI Design
Ms.M.Seetha, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
VLSI Design
M.E. Applied Electronics Engineering Faculty Members




Ms. R.Krishnaveni,M.E.,

Asst. Professor (SE.G)

Applied Electronics

Ms.B.A.Sindhuja, M.E., Asst. Professor Applied Electronics
Mr.K.Rajasekaran, M.E., Asst. Professor Applied Electronics
M.E. Embedded System Technologies Faculty Members




Mr. S. Madhusudhanan, M.E.,
Asst. Professor
Embedded System Technologies
Ms.R.Rajeswari, M.E., Asst. Professor Applied Electronics
Ms.D.Shanmathy, M.E., Asst. Professor Communication and Networking


The Department has seven well equipped laboratories.


•  This Laboratory was established in the year of 2004 and it has a floor area of 1000 sqft. This lab has latest equipments and software's with air condition and Battery Backup. VLSI is a field, which involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas. Integration improves the design by ensuring higher speed, lower power and also physically smaller designs.

•  This lab is utilized by the both UG & PG students. The main job functions in this Laboratory are design, product, test, applications and process engineering. The purpose of this laboratory is to give the knowledge in the field of VLSI & Embedded system.

•  Students can do VLSI & System design lab experiments and also projects in the field of VLSI and Embedded System. The total cost of the lab is Rs.14,07,487 /- This lab has all the Equipments and major software's like Xilinx, Modelsim to support.

•  There are 13 SPARTAN -3 FPGA TRAINER Kits, 05 MICROPROCESSOR (8086/8088) Kits, 05 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 Kits, 15 COMPUTER of Latest configuration.

• The softwares used in this lab are KEIL C-51 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER KIT multiuser, XILINX 9.11

DSP &Network LAB

  The Digital  Signal Processing Laboratory has been established in the year 2001, to meet the requirements of curriculum of Anna University and also to enable students to understand the basics of Signals and systems and signal processing concepts like convolution, sampling and effect of aliasing, characteristics of IIR filters, FIR filters.

•  The faculty members and the students do the research activities in  the field of  Signal Processing and Speech Processing(Real Time) and image processing. In addition to this, students do mini project like noise and echo cancellation, power spectrum estimation, multirate signal processing etc.

  This lab is well equipped with software like Matlab ( various tool boxes), bloom with DSP  code composer studio and the hardwares such as 08 Dsp Trainer Kit (5x), 08 Dsp Trainer 5416 With Code Composer Studio, 06 Lan Trainer Network Kit s Available. We have 35 Computers of Latest Configuration.

 The total cost of the lab is Rs . 24,66,866 /- and floor area is 1055 sqft.


•  Communication branch is the oldest branch in electronics field. Our communication laboratory was established during the month of January in the year 1996. The lab has a floor space of 1050 sq ft, (24X35 Size). The lab receives supply from UPS of 10KVA online.

•  The Purpose of the communication laboratory is to provide efficient training in understanding the basic concepts of communication practically. The laboratory is well equipped with the best analog and digital communication trainer kits. The students can have hands on experience with the test and measurement instruments such as signal generators and analog oscilloscopes. Also the students are well exposed to use the analyzing devices like spectrum analyzer and antenna systems.

•  The spectrum analyzer is a 1GHZ analyzer, using which we can study the frequency spectrum of filters, amplifiers, mixers etc. The Antenna system comprises of 20 types of antenna. The characteristics of each antenna can be studied using the trainer system and software. This lab has 03 RF Trainer Kits, 08 Analog Communication Trainer Kits, 29 Digital Communication Trainer Kits, 02 Spectrum Analyzers and 21 CRO's. The total cost of the lab is Rs.27,58,542 /-


•  Microwave & Optical laboratory has been established in the year 1998 , to provide basic knowledge about RF/Microwave components with industry leading performance including Fixed Attenuators, Directional & Hybrid Couplers, Isolators/Circulators, E,H plane Tee ,magic Tee .

•  This lab is equipped with microwave generator equipments like reflex klystron, gunn diode oscillator. We have 7 X Band Benches and one J band Bench, 2 Digital Storage Oscilloscope ,2 power meter. In the optical field, the lab has 10 optical trainer kit, optical sources and detectors, 8 Elementary Fiber Optic Trainer Kit. The total cost of the lab is Rs. 26,82,482
The objective of this lab is      

• To study the characteristics of tube type and semiconductor type microwave sources.
• To understand various measurements (VSWR, Impedance measurement)
• To study analog/ digital optic link and to measure numerical aperture, losses, bandwidth.
• To analyze the characteristics of optical light sources



•  The Electronics lab was installed in 1996 & equipped with the best professional electronics test & Measurement instruments, such as signal generators & analog oscilloscopes.

•  The Laboratory inculcates the students with the basic idea of circuit designing and debugging. The students utilize the lab for exhibiting & demonstrating their electronics releated.The Electronics lab curriculum includes Electronic circuits & Simulation lab. The lab also provides the students with the knowledge of the software multisim. The total investment of the lab is Rs. 16,81,478/- and the area of the lab is 1440 Sqft.

•  This lab has 38 Single and dual Power supply, 140 DC Ammeter, 170 DC Voltmeter, 02 Pulse Generator, 15 CROs,15 Digital Multimeters, 39 AFO's. and 01 MULTISIM 7.1(5 USER)



•  The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with the software and hardware of microprocessors so that they can gain enough experiences to meet the demand of the microprocessor era. The laboratory is mainly equipped with 25 sets of 8085 , 18 sets of 8086 microprocessor trainers kits,11 sets of 8051 microcontroller trainer kits and their peripherals. In each set, a parallel I/O board, serial I/O board is present in order to teach students how to integrate various hardwares such as stepper motor, D/A converter, A/D converter, Traffic light controller with microprocessors.

•  All PCs are equipped with various software development tools such as MASM, 8085,8086,8051 driver software. assemblers, compilers and simulators and have internet connection. In addition equipments such as oscilloscope, signal generator, digital multimeter and power supply are also available.

•  These facilities enable students to build a firm background in microprocessor hardware as well as software. Students learn about assembly language programming, CPU, memory and I/O design, interfacing of programmable chips and peripherals such as stepper motors, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters etc. They acquire the practical skills sufficient to design and realize basic microprocessor based systems. The total cost of the lab is Rs. 14,74,474 /- and the area is 1080 sqft..

•  This lab has 25 (8085) Microprocessor Trainer Kits, 18 (8086) Microprocessor trainer Kits, 15 (8051) Microcontroller Kits, 02 AFO's and 06 CRO's.

• This lab has Software's Macro Assembler Software (Multiuser), ESA Xt86 Driver Software (Multiuser).



•  This lab was installed during the year of 1996. It has floor space of 840 sqft. The total cost for establishing the lab is Rs. Rs. 14,33,775 /- This lab has a no of Digital Linear trainer kits to perform various experiments on applications of Op-Amp which covers as per ANNA UNIVERSITY (CHENNAI TIRUCHIRAPPALLI) curriculum.

•  Electrical Supply for the lab is provided by electricity board and from a stand by of 250KVA generator set. It has a single phase stabilizer of 5KVA rating.

•  This lab has 20-16 Bit Digital Trainer Kit, 10-20 Bit Digital Trainer Kit, 08 Dsp Trainer Kit (5x), 08 Dsp Trainer 5416 With Code Composer Studio, 06 Lan Trainer Network Kit, and 02 Digital Ic Tester.