ME-Power Systems Engineering

M.E. (Power Systems Engineering) Approved Strength : 18

The ME-Power Systems Engineering programme of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department was introduced in the year 2010 with an intake of 18+2(Part Time). The objective of this programme is to create eminent power engineers capable of playing significant role in the private and public power sectors. This programme enhances the graduates to acquire their theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of power system analysis, dynamics, operation and control, protection, planning and reliability, security, power quality and power system transient. This programme is a credit based curriculum with laboratory course.


This Power System Simulation laboratory is developed with an objective of providing research and academic knowledge on various simulation software tools. Based on the simulation the real time practical model can be developed and its performance and be analyzed and improved. Programming skills can also be gained with the available simulation softwares.

This lab has a floor area of 132 sq-m. To meet the requirements lab has various software packages related to power systems, power electronics, control system and electric circuits

Facilities available


Personal Computer with TFT LCD monitor - 30 Nos

CAPTURE with P – SPICE(ORCAD 9.2) software - 1 USER
CAPTURE with P – SPICE(ORCAD 10.3) software - 3 USERS
Simulation Software Power Electronics & Motor Control PSIM 6.0 Basic -5 USERS
AU Power Lab Power System Simulation Software - 25 Users
Matlab Version 2008b - 8 USERS
KEIL µ vision 3 PK51 Professional Developer's Kit V-8 - 2 USERS
ETAB software Version 6.0 -10 USERS
PSCAD software Version 4.2.1 software 5 USERS