Yoga Club

YOGA is union of body conscious with the subconscious. Jivatma & Paramatma. Its origin is the beginning of man kind.

YOGA is the science of healthy & better living, Physical, Mental mood, Intellectual & spiritual.

Do the work skillfully. Skill in work leads to perfection in work & perfection leads to excellence. Excellence in work is YOGA.

To control the mental modification of mind & its regulation is YOGA.

Overall development of personality has griming knowledge of self to develop oneself physically mentally & spiritually & solution to all the problem.

Yoga Objective

1. To Study and Analyse the influential factors that affect the engineering students' healthy Holistic life.

2. To investigate the Engineering students' involvement on Yoga and Meditation over other areas.

  • To train the simple basics of yogasanas, in a friendly and comfortable environment by the well-trained Yogis and Yoginis by progressive teaching methods,
  • To teach basic Sath Kriyas, 108 Muthras, Bandhas to students and prepare them for the Open, State, University, National, International level Yoga competitions, (who are enthusiastic about what we do).
  • To educate the Color Meditation, Value of Bhajans, Sathsang with Musical Instruments for peace and harmony
  • To Train the advanced of Yoga like Rope Mallkamb, Pole Mallkamb, Mallarkambam, for the experienced yogis and yoginis
  • To achieve Anna University Inter Zonal Yogasana Championship, All India University Yogasana championship, International Championship for Men and Women.

3. To examine the physical, mental and social impact of Yoga and Meditation on Schools, Engineering students, Polytechnic college students, B.Ed., college students and academic life.

4. To find out the improvement in the effect of Yoga and Meditation of all the students.

5. To assess the overall experience of engineering students who regularly practice Yoga and Meditation.

6. To teach the DOTE Yoga syllabus to the polytechnic college students

7. To train the Theoretical and Practical syllabus of Yoga framed by Teachers Education University for J. J. College of Education students

  • To Provide 24 x 7 online website service to give the full awareness, current affairs to all Yogis and Yoginis.
  • To create awareness and the benefits of yoga and Meditation through orientation by well trained yogis and yoginis.
  • To organize Inter-Department Yoga Competition and Inter Engineering college Yoga Competition through Yoga clubs.
  • To develop Yoga instructors as juries of various Yoga Competitions.
  • To conduct Workshop for various topics in yoga such as Yogic Life for Control of Stress, Diabetes, Physical Hygiene, and Food for Life
  • To make our yoga club as Nodal Centre for conducting Diploma, P.G.Diploma & M.Sc Yoga Programs through Annamalai University and other Leading Universities.


1. 15-07-2010 Yoga Club Started at the Mala Block II Floor

2. 23-08-2010 to 26-08-2010 all the first year students, 04-01-2011 to 07-01-2011 all the third year students and 10-01-2011 to 13-01-2011 all the second year students were attended the Yoga class.

3. 25-09-2010 guest lecture on “Heart Care” by Dr.K.Namachivayam M.D, Asst.Prof.KAP Vishwanatham Govt Medical College, Trichy.

4. 12-02-2011 Inter Department Yoga Competition. – Dr.V.R.Arivazhagan, Director, Indian Institute of Yoga and Naturopathy, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest.

5. 16-02-2011 Yoga Students conducted the Yoga programme for Innam Puzhutheri, Village people.
6. 17-02-2011 Yoga Students conducted the Yoga programme for Ayya Gowdan Patty, Govt. Middle School students, Tiruchy.

7. 18-02-2011 Yoga Teacher J.Kailash from Tiruchy. Visited the yoga hall to teach Kriya Yoga to all the Yoga Students.

8. 26-12-2011 and 27-02-2011 Tamil Nadu Inter Engineering Yoga Competition-Dr.P.Kalaiselvan, District Sports Officer, State Development Authority of Tamilnadu. Anna Stadium, Tiruchy was the Chief guest.

9. 03-03-2011 Diploma Yoga, P.G. Diploma Yoga awareness programme conducted by Mr.S.Natarajan, Mrs.C.V.Jayanthi, Yoga faculty Annamalai University, Chidambaram. Now 12 students are enrolled for 11 Diploma and 1 P.G. Diploma in Yoga course through distance education and got Diploma certificate with First Class & Distinction.

10. 05-03-2011 Yoga Students conducted the yoga programme at Shanthi Vanam Mana nala Kappagam Service Society near to our College

11. 12-03-2011 Mind Mapping Class Conducted by Mr.K.B.S.Maniyam.B.A., AICWS(ICAS) Retd.) New Delhi.
12. 15-03-2011Athletic (Dance) Yoga Class Conducted BY Mr.A.Alagu, Yoga Teacher, Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu, Anna Stadium, Tiruchy.

13. 02-04-2011 Dr.N.Kalyani, Siddha Doctor Vellore Corporation visited the yoga hall and gave the lecture programme on Siddha Medicine.

14. 03-04-2011 Mr.R.Thiayalan, Physiotherapist, Rajamuthiaya Medical College, Chidamabaram visited the Yoga Hall and conducted the programme on Anatomy.

15. 08-04-2011 BAKTHI YOGA at 10.00a.m. in the Vinayagar Temple, JJCET Campus

16. 09-04-2011 Rhythmic Yoga Dance, Asanas were performed on Annual day at 1.35p.m.

17. 19-04-2011 Internal Exam for Diploma / P.G. Dip. Yoga by Annamalai University.

18. 20-04-2011 External Exam of Diploma / P.G. Dip. Exam by Annamalai University.

19. 10-05-2011 One day workshop on Yogic life for control of Diabetes on 10-05-2011.

20. 12-05-2011 One day workshop on Yoga daily planner – Heart care on 12-05-2011.

21. 19-05-11 & 20-05-11 University Exam for Diploma in Yoga.

22. 24,25,26-05-2011 University Exam for P.G. Diploma in Yoga.

23. 07-06-2011 to 10-06-2011 III year Polytechnic 400 students attended the Yoga class.

24. 14-06-2011 to 17-06-2011 II year Polytechnic 400 students attended the Yoga class.

25. 15-07-2011 Anniversary celebration.

26. 21-07-2011 Rhythmic Yoga practice.

27. 22-07-2011 DHAYANADA – SATHABUSHAM function was attended by Executive Director at Coimbatore CODISSIA Complex.

28. 17-08-2011 Welcome Dance during First year inauguration day.

29. 20-08-2011 & 21-08-2011 Inter State Yoga competition at Pondicherry Organised by Pondicherry Yoga Sports Development Association.

30. 13-09-2011 to 16-09-2011 For all First year students attended Yoga class (774 students).

31. 18-09-2011 District Level Tamil Nadu Yogasana Championship – 2011 open competition held at 3.00p.m.

32. 19-09-2011 Visited to Orphanage North Paran Sisters convent at Ammapettai.

33. 11-10-2011 to 14-10-2011 Yoga Classes for MBA I & II - 210 students at 9.15a.m to 11.00a.m &3.15p.m to 5.00p.m for MCA I year students.

34. 19-11-2011 30 Boys + 20 Girls +1Faculty participated & Won 41 prizes at Pudukkottai 22nd Tamilnadu State Yogasana Championship. Executive Director Participated as Panel member.

35. 3-12 & 4-12-2011at Himalaya Yoga Olympiad2011 Pondicherry & Tamilnadu 5th State Level Yoga Sports Championship, T.Raja EEE I year got 1st Prize in Common, Twisting & Hand balance, II Prize in Champion of Champion and S.Siva Bharathi EEE I year got II in Common, IIIrd in Twisting and Malathy II Year IT got Ist in Common Category.

36. EEE I Year Students T Raja & S.Siva Bharathi, IT II year B.Malathy participated in National Level Himalaya Yoga Olympiad at SVYASA University, Bangalore on 14th & 15th Dec'11.

37. Every Tuesday & Thursday from 20th Dec'11 on words 3.30p.m. to 4.30p.m. for all B.Ed., students are attending Yoga Class.

38. Every Monday 3.30p.m. to 4.30 p.m. M.Ed., Students from Dec'11 on words are attending Yoga Class.

39. Every Monday 11.00a.m. to 12.40 TTI II Year students from Dec'11 on words are attending Yoga Class.

40. Every day from 19-01-2012 on words 6 .00a.m. to 7.00a.m. in Tuesday 1st year, Wednesday 2nd year , Thursday 3rd year, Friday 4th year Hostel Girls are attending PRANAMA'S Class in their Dining Hall.

41. 26-01-2012 6.00p.m. to 9.45p.m. 19 Girls +12 Boys + Executive Director visited THIRUVALLU KRISHNA KARUNAI ILLAM to Tech Yoga to 170 students of std 1 to 12 + 2 & Distributed Snacks and Dinner.

42. Spoken Hindi Class stated on 30-01-2012 at 07.00p.m. at Yoga Centre 26 students are attending.

43. 15-02-2012 to 29-02-2012 Yoga Students worked as Volunteers for the TIES 2012 at our college campus

44. 06-03-2012 Morning 6.00a.m to 8.00a.m Yoga class for NSS Volunteers, JJCET Campus and Morning at 10.00a.m to 12.00 noon Yoga class conducted for Poolangulathupatti Government Middle level School Students. (5th std). Evening at 6.00p.m to 7.00p.m. Yoga Training given to Keelammapettai Village People.

45. 13-03-2012 Chairman gave Snacks & Thanks to TIES YOGA Volunteers.

46. Welcome Dance by Yoga students on Hostel Day for women on 18-03-2012.

47. Inter department Yoga Competition conducted on 29-03-2012.

48. Tamil Nadu Inter Engineering Yoga Competition today i.e., on 31-03-2012 & 1-04-2012.

49. Welcome dance by Yoga students on 7-4-2012 at Mala stadium in Men's Hostel day Function.

50. 10-4-2012 University Practical (Yoga) by Annamalai University for 9 Students (3 PG, 5 UG, 1 MSc) were conducted by Prof. Manayyah, Mrs.Janyanthi & Mr. Natarajan from Annamalai Univeristy.

51. Welcome dance in Annual day Function on 12-4-2012 & Yoga performance at cultural function in the AN of 12-4-2012.

52. 35 Girls +22 boys & 3 faculty were attended Grand Yoga demonstration arranged by GNANDDHAYA Yoga & Natural Health Research Foundation at Devor Hall Trichy on 21-4-2012 at 4.30 p.m. The function was presided by Mrs. Jayashri Muralidhran, District Collector.

All Staff Members and Students of J J GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS are attending YOGA Daily in the following Timings:

Morning – 6.00a.m to 8.30a.m Afternoon – 12.45p.m. to 1.10p.m. Evening – 5.30p.m. to 7.30p.m.

No Weekly Holiday, No retirement that is “Yoga Club”.



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