As per guidelines of NAAC, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established atJ.J. College of Engineering
and Technology in the year 2022 as a post–accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since quality
enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC is a part of our institution’s system and work towards the
realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The IQAC ensures the effective
implementation of the quality initiatives through continuous reviews and audits. IQAC works on evolving
strategies to enhance the quality thus channelizing the efforts of the institution towards attaining holistic
academic excellence.




IQAC will:

IQAC Members

Name of the StaffDepartmentDesignation
Er.R.Chenthur SelvanVice ChairmanManagement Representative
Dr.P.MathiyalaganPrincipalChairman – IQAC
Dr.T.KarthikeyanDean-AccreditationSenior Member
Dr. T.NallusamyDirector – Career Development CellSenior Member
Dr.M.P.RevathiHOD – Computer Science and Engg.Senior Member
Dr.S.SumithraHOD – Electronics and Communication EnggSenior Member
Dr.P.PrabhakaranHOD – Mechanical Engg.Senior Member
Dr.R.NagarajanHOD –  MathematicsSenior Member
Mr.D.Meenachi SundaramAdministrative Officer  -AcademicsMember
Mr.Y.MohamedBadchaHOD – Electrical and Electronics Engg.Member
Dr.A.AnanthiHOD -Civil Engg.Member
Mr.T.KumarasanHOD – Aeronautical Engg.Member
Dr. T.MohandasHOD – PhysicsMember
Dr. P.ChellammalProfessor in Computer Science and Engg.Member
Mrs.S.Saroja DeviAsst. Prof – Information TechnologyMember
Mr. S.SureshkumarHOD – AI and Data ScienceMember
Dr .S.KanchanaHOD – Master of Business AdministrationMember
Mr.S.SureshkumarExam CellMember
Mr. P.SankarlalAsst. Prof.-Mechanical Engg.Member
Mr. M.AnanthakumarAsst. Prof. -Mechanical Engg.Member
Dr. C.KarikalChozhanAssociate Professor – ChemistryMember
Ms. NeelaveniStudent – Computer Science and Engg.Member
Ms.N.A.YogarasiStudent – Electronics and Communication Engg.Member
Mr. Arun Praveen RajStudent- Mechanical Engg.Member
Mr. Rex Daniel MosesAlumniMember
Mr.S. Parthasarathy, Director, ITranszesoultion Pvt. Ltd., ChennaiIndustrialistsIndustrialist
Mr.ElphejChurchilASP-Aeronautical Engg.Coordinator