The primary goal of this joint project between JJ-TRICHY and KUKA is to introduce young professionals to the most recent technological advancements in the field of industrial robotics and to encourage them to choose this cross-disciplinary career path. The centre’s objectives include fostering applied robotics research as well as educating young engineering graduates and diploma students across all engineering fields to industry standards.

The facility has a standard training cell with a KUKA KR-120 industrial robot and the necessary auxiliary apparatus. This training cell is equipped to handle a wide range of tasks such as welding, painting, gluing, and other crucial industrial tasks used by the food and beverage, automotive, packaging, and other manufacturing and production sectors. Additionally, a robotics computer simulation lab with the most recent versions of SimPro and SimLayout, used to plan, develop, and simulate robotic operations for various manufacturing establishments, is being developed.

The following training programmes will be offered by the centre to engineering students in all disciplines beginning in their second year of study at different levels:

Robot Programming Basic Level

Training in the fundamental principles of robot programming and operation of robot system in General Robot Programming.

Robot Programming Advance Level

Instruction in robot system programming and motion programming Expert Level Robot Programming: Instruction in autonomous project implementation, interrupt programming, etc. After successfully completing their training, students will have the chance to complete internships in significant engineering sectors, ensuring that they have the necessary skills for the field.