About Training and Placement

The Department of Training and Placement plays a vital role in making students Industry Ready. Our primary objective is to prepare students for the Real World. In the context of quality and excellence, the T&P Department is a value addition of our Institution. With a view to enhance the “Employability Skills” of students, the T&P has evolved a Comprehensive Programme, tailored to cater to the individual needs and potential of each student for the full length of the course. Ultimately this department helps to meet the requirements of the Industries. From the T&P department with the help of corporate trainers, we train our students right from first year to final year.


Already we have signed an MoU with Infosys for Campus Connect Programme and CII Employability Bridge Programme to enhance our Engineering students in Soft Skills. (Business Communication Skills, Intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship Skills, Campus to Company, Group Discussion, Interview and presentation and Entrepreneurial skills Development).




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J.J.College of Engineering and Technology, Ammapettai, Poolangulathupatti,
Tamil Nadu 620009.

Our Training & Placement Team

Our College has an independent Placement Office facilitating campus recruitment for international and national organizations. It has a Placement & Training officers and Department wise coordinating staff to support by Placement Officer and a full time placement coordinator. The placement office ensures and takes care to provide the best environment and hospitality for the visiting companies' officials.

Dr. T. Nallusamy

M.E., Ph.D.,
Career Development Center
Dr. T. Nallusamy, M.E., Ph.D.,


Mr.M. Chandra Mohan

Training & Placement Officer
Mr.M.Chandra Mohan

Training & Placement Officer

Mr. S.Chandrasekar

Aptitude Trainer
Mr. S.Chandrasekar

Aptitude Trainer

Ms. Tamilarasi

MA., Ph.D
TOEFL and IELTS Trainer (American Merit Council)
Ms. Tamilarasi

TOEFL and  IELTS Trainer (American Merit Council)

Ms.Tresa Lavanya

Soft Skill Trainer
Ms.Tresa Lavanya

Soft Skill Trainer

Ms. Kokila Ramesh

Soft Skill Trainer
Ms. Kokila Ramesh

Soft Skill Trainer

Ms.A. Amala Suzana

B. Tech, M.B.A.
Aptitude Trainer
Ms.A. Amala Suzana

Aptitude Trainer

Mr.P. Anand Babu

Aptitude Trainer
Mr.P. Anand Babu

Aptitude Trainer

Sl. NoNameDepartmentDesignation
1Mrs.J.B.Pradeepa,M.Tech.,CSECSE Placement Coordinator
2Mr. S.Karthikeyan, M.E.,EEEEEE Placement Coordinator
3Mr.C.SelvaKumar, ME.,ITIT Placement Coordinator
4Mr. M.AnandhaKumar., M.E.,MECHMECH Placement Coordinator
5Mrs. S.A. Rasheeda Banu, B.E., M.B.A.,MBAMBA Placement Coordinator
6Mr. B. Jose Ravindra Raj, M.E., Ph.D.,CIVILCIVIL Placement Coordinator
7Mr. R. Purushothaman, M.E., Ph.DECEECE Placement Coordinator
8Mr. M. Durgaram, M.E.,AeronauticalAeronautical Placement Coordinator

Our Recruiters

We sincerely thank our 68+ recruiters who have given opportunity to our students.



Pooled_Campus Drive 22-05-24 & 23-05-24


Industrial Rubber Company 23.03.24


Feather Construction_15.03.24


Casagrand Chennai_08.03.24

Arthur Grand Technologies_04.03.24




JBM Group_Hosur_13.02.2024

Propeller Technologies_13.02.2024

TAP Academy Bengaluru_10.02.2024

TVS SFL, Chennai_06.02.2024

Techgenzi, Coimbatore_02.02.2024


Besten Engineering 19.01.2024

Evoriea, Trichy - Campus Drive On 13.12.23

Conserve, Trichy - Campus Drive On 11.12.23

Wayspire, Trichy - Campus Drive On 08.12.23

Rinex, Trichy - Campus Drive On 02.12.23

Ageas Federal, Trichy - Campus Drive On 01.12.23

faceprep, Trichy - Campus Drive On 30.11.2023

ITC Limited, Trichy - Campus Drive On 23.11.2023

Wheels India Limited, Chennai - Pooled Campus Drive On 22.11.2023

Sparrow Rebar Services - Campus Drive On 08.11.2023

Virtual Campus Drive for RR Electronics, Chennai on 01.11.2023

Ki Mobility Solutions, Chennai - Campus Drive On 18.10.2023

Mitsogo, Chennai - Virtual Campus Drive On 17.10.2023

COAPPS, Chennai - Virtual Campus Drive On 10.10.2023

HP, Bengaluru - Campus Drive On 23.09.2023

Mitsuba, Gummudipoondi - Campus Drive On 14.09.2023

Kaar, Chennai - Virtual Drive On 09.08.2023

Anand Engineering, Trichy - Campus Drive On 18.04.2023

DBS, Chennai - Campus Drive On 17.04.2023

Zybisys, Bengaluru - Campus Drive On 17.03.2023

Sight Spectrum, Chennai - Campus Drive On 15.03.2023

TVS Groups, Chennai - Campus Drive On 06.03.2023

Coding King Off Campus on 15.02.2023

Betamonks, Chennai - Campus Drive On 13.02.2023

Sparrow Rebar Services, Trichy - Campus Drive on 10.02.2023

Industrial Rubber Company, Thanjavur - Campus Drive on 09.02.2023

Youngshin, Wipro, Wittur, Vikram, Chennai - Campus Drive on 07.03.2023

Yamaha, Chennai - Campus Drive on 03.02.2023

Delphi TVS, Chennai - Campus Drive on 02.02.2023

Durasoft, Coimbatore - Campus Drive on 31.01.2023

JSE, Chennai - Campus Drive on 30.01.2023

Coding King, Bengaluru - Campus Drive on 12.01.2023

Emerson Automation Solution, Chennai - Campus Drive on 09.01.2023 & 10.01.2023

Cadmaxx Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru - Campus Drive on 07.01.2023

Blue.Cloud, Madurai - Campus Drive on 06.01.2023

Sun Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Trichy - Campus Drive on 05.01.2023

JSE Engineering, Chennai On Campus drive

Anand Engineering, Trichy - On Campus drive on 07.12.2022

Conserve Solutions, Trichy - On Campus drive on 23.11.2022

New Dream Data Systems, Trichy - On Campus drive on 10.11.2022

Sri Sar Power & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Trichy - On Campus drive on 31.10.2022

Evoriea Info Tech, Bengaluru - On Campus drive on 17.10.2022, 18.10.2022

Mitsuba Sical Pvt. Ltd., Chennai - On Campus drive on 14.09.2022

Kalycito - On Campus Drive on 24.08.2022

Internship to Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki & Eicher - 08.08.2022 to 20.08.2022 Two Weeks

VDart Company Visit - On Campus Drive on 17.08.2022

HCL, Madurai - On Campus Drive on 06.07.2022

ICICI Bank, Chennai - On Campus Drive on 04.07.2022

AVASOFT, Chennai - On Campus Drive on 07.05.2022

Campus & Campus Drive Exeperience Shared by Final Year Students to the First Year Students - 05.05.2022

JSE Engineering, Chennai - On Campus Drive on 04.05.2022

Delphi TVS Chennai - On Campus Drive on 13.04.2022

Career Guidance - JP Gandhi - 12.04.2022

FocusR Technology, Chennai - On Campus Drive on 08.04.2022

VDart Technology, Trichy - On Campus Drive on 29.03.2022

Conserve Solutions- On Campus Drive on 25.03.2022

Veranda Race - MBA - 31.12.2021

K7 - Career Choices I MBA - 23.12.2021

Smart IT Frame - On Campus Drive on 21.12.2021

SS Group, Salem - On Campus Drive on 16.12.2021

Evoriea Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru - On Campus Drive on 08.12.2021

TVS Sundram Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai - On Campus Drive on 17.11.2021

King Maker IAS Academy - 01.11.2021

Chain-Sys India Pvt Ltd. Pooled Campus Drive on 28th & 29th October 2021

New Tech Auto Components Pvt. Ltd., Chennai On Campus Placement Drive on 13.10.2021

K7 - Career Rediness - 09.10.2021

Mitsuba Sical Pvt. Ltd., Chennai (MNC) On Campus Drive on 01.10.2021


Career Opportunities by Mrs. Sai Sri Divya, HR Manager, Wekan Enterprise Solutions, Chennai on 26.08.2022

Emotional Intelligence by Mrs. Leema Peter, Psychologist/Counselor on 25.08.2022

Leadership Quality by Dr.R.Swaminathan, Professor & Public Speaker, Mannar Saraboji College, Thanjavur on 25.08.2022

Gear Up Your Career by Mrs.RamyVasudevan, CEO, itransz Academy and Foundation on - 06.05.2022

One-day Training Program on 'Career Readiness' for Engineering and MBA Students on 09.10.2021